8th National Students Conference on “International Humanitarian and Refugee Laws” on November 13, 2019

Centre for International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad is organizing the Eighth edition of its annual flagship event -National Students Conference on “International Humanitarian and Refugee Laws” in association with International Committee on Red Cross (ICRC) and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on November 13, 2019.

Addressing contemporary issues and challenges faced by the scholars, academicians and practitioners in the field of International Humanitarian and Refugee Laws, the Conference seeks to celebrate 70 years of Geneva Conventions with a discussion that reflects on the success and challenges encountered by these treaties that have been universally ratified.

The conference is to present a platform for interaction of experts, zealous students, dedicated organizations and every stakeholder related to this field.
To encourage young scholars, the best papers will be rewarded and selected papers would be published in an edited volume of Conference Proceedings.

1. To create awareness amongst the students and academicians and to initiate a dialogue amongst various stakeholders about the Geneva Conventions.
2. To discuss current challenges in the area of International Humanitarian law, Refugee Law and solutions thereof.
3. To develop and strengthen Institute’s relation with concerned organisation.

1. The Relevance of Geneva Conventions in the present world.
2. Technologies of warfare under the Geneva Conventions.
3. Humanitarian Crisis: Challenges Faced by Humanitarian Organisation
4. Strengthening Enforcement of International Humanitarian Law: The Way Forward.
5. The Global Compact on Refugees (GRC): A Sustainable Solution to Refugee Situations.

8th ILNU National students conference on International and Humanitarian and Refugee Laws